Mastering Search Marketing Keywords In A Natural Way

Hair is a really big thing to most women and for black women wearing natural hair is ideal. It is no surprise that many companies are now marketing products to women with natural hair since this number seems to be growing more and more with each passing day. The good news is that good search engine marketing can make connecting with the black hair audience a breeze but poor use of SEO keywords can blow the entire gig.

Olive OilWhat women with natural hair want more than anything is to know that what is going into their hair is natural and beneficial to their hair. Many companies are beginning to realize that black women with natural hair avoid chemicals as much as possible which is why so many organic all-natural hair care companies are beginning to add natural hair wearing black women to their target markets. But is simply having organic products enough?

The answer is a difficult one. If the products you put in your hair product are animal ingredients such as honey, many naturals won’t use them whereas products featuring natural softeners and conditioners such as olive oil and coconut milk are more prone to be purchased by consumers. Natural hair consumers are definitely not the market to fool around with. False marketing with this group can backfire in a big way.

Natural HairWhat naturals want and need is transparency. Hydration, thick moisture-rich conditioners, moisturizing cleansers and styling products that don’t leave build-up and flakes are among the chief products the vast majority of naturals need and use, so utilizing those adjectives as keywords may serve you well.

Words like ‘slip’ are big in the natural hair community because they describe conditioners and products that make detangling natural hair a breeze. Natural hair and SEO can sometimes be a slippery slope. One should never use language that infers that natural hair is not beautiful and therefore needs to be altered chemically to meet society’s status quo.  For instance, should a woman buy the best human hair lace front wigs online because she is marketed them as they’re the best for her situation, or because straight hair is the European beauty standard.  Know what I mean?

If you really want to market properly to the black hair community, view their commentary on products across social media. You’d be amazed at just how much you’d uncover.

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